Sunday, December 03, 2006

Barnstonworth Rovers F.C. 4 N.Y. Fury 0

The Rovers took another step forward Sunday destroying bottom dwelling Fury 4-0. The Firsts were dominant throughout, they were sharp, and exhibited their increasing patience and maturity keeping on task until the goals came and keeping possession for large stretches there-after.

Broach must have felt he was playing in Alaska, pelted with rain and wind gusts for 90 min and only touching the ball 3 times (1 save).

In the first half the Rovers were wasteful. Chance after chance went begging, almost allowing Fury to believe they could get something out of the match. And when the Rovers finally put one away, on a brilliant one-two between Musa and Giancarlo, the linesman intervened to wrongly disallow it. Not a problem, but after the restart, Giancarlo again slashing through clashed with a Fury defender, upended and ended with 2 broken fingers – “snapped like twigs.” Our resident physio recommended “tape and continue” so further treatment had to wait until after the match.

The Rovers took the second half by storm. After an amazing save on Puglie’s volley off Andy’s cross, they took the lead. A well worked move, around the back to the forwards, Pugie toTamu to Andy streaking free in the box. He stove and clinically finished to the far post. Rovers 1-0.

And before Fury could settle, the Rovers settled the match. Giancarlo to Tamu to Musa, perfect cross to Puglie, Rovers 2-0.

Puglie made it 3 when Musa got a ball from Vidar, emptied the defense and served it to Puglie on a plate. Rovers 3-0.

After missing a sitter from inside the 6, Musa finally got on the score sheet to close the match. Rovers 4-0.

It was the 5th time this season that both the Rover starting forwards found the net. Quite a record.

It will be Fury again this weekend this time for a place in the final 16 of the state cup.

Team: Dave Borchard, Vidar Ekehaug, John Salvucci, Kieran Mahon, Mark Kushemba, Giancarlo Cavallo, Tamu Bowen, Eoin Quane, Andy Abramovits, Steven Pugliese, Musa Shannon. Subs(all played): Dixon Hayes, Mike Alexander, Stash Rutkowski