Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Barnstonworth Rovers Thirds (6) - CPR (0), 11/21/10

It's a stunning scoreline, really, CPR being an entirely respectable side. It really wasn't our friendly rivals' day. They did start with 10 and find 11 sometime during the first half. The first 10 or 15 minutes even favored CPR slightly. A delicious over-the-top throughball from Gustavo Garro found Brandon Rowley inchey-perfecty behind the high trap and he doesn't miss these. He doesn't miss these.....he doesn't...okay, phew, he didn't miss these. 1-0 Rovers.

Now hit pause. Now hit rewind. Wait 7 seconds. Hit Pause. Hit Play. Change scorer to Gavin.

The same exact thing happened 90 seconds later. We're up 2-0. I think this really defeated CPR mentally, though they kept pushing on and a quality header from a larger-sort thumped against the top crossbar. Either before or after, can't remember which, Mike Dirolf went streaming down the left sideline, Rangers in his wake, and set up Brandon for a cool finish. Halftime 3-0.

Instead of sitting back and waiting for the comeback, Rovers kept pressing on and CPR never convinced. The CPR last man misplayed a backpass to the keeper, allowing Rowley to nip in and thunder home a finish from betwixt he and him for 4. Later, a corner kick found defenseman Darryl Crane for a rare goal that took a few testicle and toe pokes to cajole over the line. CPR enjoyed an improved spell, first with a thunderous outside blast that rattle the crossbar (again), and then by exposing the backline on a breakaway to force a yellow-card earning penalty from goalkeeper James Krapp. Krapp's clean sheet and otherwise unblemished day would be spared by an excellent diving save to deny the penalty.

And then...oh my a completely wasted situation with no meaning or importance whatsoever, Gavin would score one of the most glorious, pants-melting goals on which you will ever nurse your football-worshiping ocular cavities. A full 40 yards out, half-insane and half-inspired, Gavin one-time-side-volleys a fission-fusion booster goalwards--the goalkeeper, actually on his line, leapt and sacrificed a few fingertips only to be overcome by the splendor and the glory of that heavenly projectile. It was a pretty good shot.

The comedic moment of the afternoon came towards the end of the game, when Gavin got tackled from behind after getting rid of the ball. Red card CPR guy. But, since Gavin had reacted by pushing the offender afterwards, the CPR players requested he be given a card too. "You want a red card for him too", the ref asked. A unanimous "YEAH" was heard from the CPR side. "Ok" ... red card. Of course, there really were no red cards, ref just asked players to leave the pitch. Unreal.

Thirds: James, Tommy, Derek, Mackers and Darrell; Gustavo, Brown, Gavin, Juan and Mike; Brandon.
Subs (all played): Cisse, Okey and Bruce.