Sunday, April 03, 2011

Results: 1sts 4/3/11 vs Central Park Rangers

Barnstonworth Rovers F.C.    0       Central Park Rangers 1
CPR holds on for 1-0 when 3 scheduled starters arrive 30 min into the match after a flat tire.  Andy hits the posts twice and one cleared at the line.  Only if we could show up on time !
Team: Ben Kartzman, Will Lee, Dirk Swaneveld, Colin Marshall, Vidar Ekehaug, Matthew Giannetti, Scot Waddell, Ajene Green, Matt Langton, Andy  Abramovits, Steven Kecker,  Subs: (all played)  Walter Matiz, Randi Lee, Mark Kushemba, Joe Germanese, Stephen  Pugliese, Matt Weill